Betsy Golden Kellem is a scholar of the unusual. Her writing has appeared in outlets including The Washington Post, Atlas Obscura, The Atlantic, Smithsonian, and Vanity Fair (see here for a full list). Betsy has served on the boards of the Barnum Museum and the Circus Historical Society, is the Emmy-winning host and writer of the Showman’s Shorts video series on P.T. Barnum, and writes monthly on entertainment history for JSTOR Daily. An expert media and intellectual property attorney, Betsy has taught at Yale University and the University of Connecticut, and regularly speaks on the weirder corners of history and law for academia, industry and the general public. If you ask nicely, she will juggle knives for you.

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About Drinks With Dead People:

Drinks With Dead People is one long bloggy answer to that old party question: if you could have a drink with anyone in history, who would it be? History is full of people you’d love to have a drink with.  Let’s meet a few.

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